No, I *HAVEN'T* had my morning coffe yet!

Antarctica's amazing wilderness where spiders are as big as dinner plates

More than a mile below the icy surface of Antarctic waters scientists have discovered an amazing world of giant sea creatures, including spiders as large as dinner plates and jellyfish with tentacles that stretch more than half the length of a London bus.

They live in a dark and mysterious wilderness of thick sea grasses and coral gardens that are teeming with creatures never seen before – huge worms, giant prawns and massive, creepy crabs.


"It's amazing what we still can discover on this Planet Earth."


A Steak Toaster. Did You Hear Me? I Said a Steak Toaster

Sometimes, you just want a steak and you don't want to go through a whole process to get it. Who wants to light the grill just so you can have one measly steak? Why make a whole production out of it? What you need, my friend, is a steak toaster.


"But does it do toast as well?"

Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee goes to GDC


Table Manner Tips Every Guy Should Know

We all remember the basics our mothers taught us about table manners–no elbows on the dinner table and don’t talk with your mouth full. But ever wonder which fork to use for your salad or how to signal a waiter at a fancy restaurant? Read on and learn the basics in table manners that will be sure to impress your date, girlfriend/wife’s parents, employers or whomever you dine with.


"Using your teeth to get the wine bottle open would be a no-no, then?"

The Most Important Lesson We'll Ever Learn In School

"Sigh...how true, how true......"

The 25 Most Important Questions

Hard questions that matter, like "can a pregnant woman drive in the carpool lane?" or "how can I win at that ultra-important-corporate-decision-making- process, rock-paper-scissor?" and of course, "is turkey a country or a bird first?". Wait, is it *really* a natural bird? Never mind - don’t answer that.


"Things we all want to know but 411 won't answer these ones!"


On Air: Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster tells all in this on-air video for National Public Radio. The free-basing of cookie-dough, the loves , what he will eat, what he won't and just how far he can go!
Oh, and you'll definitely want to watch through to the end. Check the expression on the interviewer's face when Cookie pulls that [spoiler deleted] off the desk to eat it. If you're wondering what she's so alarmed about, I'm guessing it's whether she's going to have to pay for a replacement: Those things run thousands of dollars apiece.


"Cookie ain't just for Sesame Street anymore!"

Definition of "Uh-oh!"

"Wanna bet those knives on the wall aren't cooking knives?"

Seven of the Deadliest Delicacies: Come Dine With Death

Poisonous or dangerous food is considered a special delicacy by some cultures in several parts of the world. In most cases, a nice feast may turn into a deadly game of Russian roulette.

So, would you take the risks of eating these deadly delicacies?


"Call me a prude, but I think I'll be sticking to eating things that I have a very slim chance of dying from!"