Investigation after air stewardess performs topless mid-air striptease for the captain

An investigation has been launched after a video of a topless French air stewardess performing a sexy striptease for the captain while the plane was flying was leaked on to the internet.

Despite the plane being in the air - and with several hundred passengers presumably blissfully unaware of what is going on - the sexy cabin attendant removes her bra and lets the captain and co-pilot get hands on.


"So is this 'Come Fly The Friendly Skies' or just the standard inflight entertainment?"

Additional Link : The Video has been posted in its entirety - mildly not safe for work.

The World's Most Dangerous Guard Dog

(Photo by Marius R.)
"....asleep on the job!"

Thermonuclear Test in French Polynesia

(for larger pics)

"That's what you call terrifyingly beautiful."

What's really wrong with newspapers

It’s tempting to say the same about the many diagnoses of what ails the newspaper world. We hear endlessly that the troubles are a result of the Internet, new technology, “people don’t read anymore,” and, my favorite, “people don’t have as much time as they used to.” As if there was once a 36-hour day, or people who once worked 12-hour shifts while raising large families had this abundance of time.

These forces are real. And yes, a big swath of the public is distracted by celebrity gossip and gets its “news” from blogs, television and talk radio. What’s less noted is how newspapers themselves contributed to the dumbing down of America.


"It's a shame, because newspapers used to be so much more - will they go the way of the typewriter in the near future?"


Canada top retirement destination for British: survey

British citizens have selected Canada — ahead of New Zealand and Portugal — as the top country in which to retire, according to a survey measuring perceptions of quality of life.

The survey of British expatriates living around the globe was commissioned by NatWest International Personal Banking. Respondents gave Canada a mean score of 63.95 out of 80, with high marks given for housing, natural environment and availability of consumer goods.


"Hmmm.... Canada is the retirement home for the old Brits? Heh."

Things that have always been true for the class of 2011

A worldview of 18 year-olds in the fall of 2007. There is a risk in some cases of making generalizations, in that students come from every state and scores of nations.

The "Class of 2011" refers to students entering college this year. They are generally 18 which suggests they were born in 1989.

The list identifies the experiences and event horizons of students as they commence higher education and is not meant to reflect on their preparatory education.


"From the oh-man-do-I-feel-old departement......

Star Trek Explains Expendability

"Umm......McCoy!" "Guess Again....."

Can a Lightsaber Cut Through Superman?

Can a gadget defeat a superhero? We put both our nerdy gadget knowledge and our nerdy superhero knowledge to the test and came up with reasons why it could and reasons why it couldn't.


"Yeah, but what about The Force?!? Or Jedi mind-trick?!?"

Here There Be Dragons!

"I hope we don't get a firestorm..."


30 Things to Do to Keep From Getting Bored Out of Your Skull at Work

I’m not one to get bored, ever … but a number of readers have written in with the question: What do I do if I’m bored out of my skull at work?

It gave me pause, to think about why I can’t recall ever getting that bored at work. And I realized: I always keep myself busy, doing something, whether it’s productive or not.

Sometimes, I’m creating a new project, or improving myself somehow … but sometimes I just find interesting stuff to read online or find a cool solitaire game to play. (Well, I haven’t played any games in awhile, but Freecell used to be my poison of choice a few years ago.)

So the short answer: just find things to entertain yourself. Keep your mind busy. Challenge yourself. Talk to somebody. Break out of your mold.



How Microsoft Created The Biggest Game Launch Of All Time

How did Microsoft pull it off? They were a boring, monolithic software company helmed by Bill Gates, the world's biggest geek. They made Windows. They made spreadsheet software and word processing programs.
They were a boring part of our lives we were forced to accept as a boring part of our technological infrastructure, only a few pixels away from concrete or plumbing. Then, of all things, Microsoft turned its hat backwards and tried to sit at the cool table. They released the Xbox.
And they lost $4 billion.
But all was not a wash. While some would say Xbox (original) lost money, others realized that Microsoft really just invested the funds. And from this investment, they'd gained a non-Winblows identity in the marketplace, along with a powerful icon that was nearly as synonymous to the Xbox console as Mario was to Nintendo or Sonic to Sega: Master Chief.


"Just wait till the movie comes out........................"

An Example of Light Pollution

(Click on photo to enlarge)
Light Pollution in North of Tenerife.

"Chasing the dark away....."

Trench Warfare

(Click on photo to enlarge)

"Don't mind me....I'm just..um..relaxing! Yeah, that's it!"


Cheerleaders of the 2008 NFL Playoffs

The 2007-2008 NFL season will conclude this Sunday with Super Bowl XLII between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.
However, it might be argued after looking at some of these shots...who cares about the game?!?


"Rah! Rah! Rah!"

Wonder How To?

A website called wonderhowto.com is now hosting over 10,000 'how to' videos on everything from educating, building, and instruct on different 'how to' projects.
As the website itself relates : "We start by asking a simple question. Does the video possess the intent to instruct the viewer? Some videos have the intent to promote, entertain, or inform: but that is not the same thing as the intent to instruct. Is the process of the how-to clearly delineated with requisite ingredients, tools, and details? After viewing the video, can you do-it-yourself? If the answer is yes to the above, we want that video."
If you go to their site, you'll get instructions on how to make the trebuchet shown in the picture here.


"Very neat! A lot of informative videos, some stuff I definitely want to try!"


Why is yawning contagious?

It may not be one of life’s deepest mysteries, but as scientific conundrums go, it has a peculiar staying power. Why is yawning contagious? Researchers recently found that yawning isn’t only catching among people; it is also among chimpanzees.No one has devised a fully convincing explanation of why.
Compounding the mystery is the odd way in which the contagious power of yawning is largely unconscious. We can see someone yawn, yearn to replicate the action ourselves, and do it, all without thinking about it. Other times we’re aware it is happening, though it still floats somewhere beneath the realm of reason and of purposeful actions.
So what gives? In an effort to find the answer, the Finnish government recently funded a brain scanning study. The results turned up some hard-to-interpret, possible clues. It also confirmed the obvious: yawn contagion is largely unconscious. Wherever it might affect the brain, it bypasses the known brain circuitry for consciously analyzing and mimicking other people’s actions.


"And I bet you just yawned looking at that picture...heh."

Loonie Economics in the N.H.L.

A decade ago, the N.H.L.’s Canadian franchises were the league’s economic weak links, with two teams leaving for the United States and at least half the remaining six close to insolvency.
Now the skate is on the other foot. The Canadian clubs are worth more on average than the league’s American clubs, according to estimates by Forbes magazine. And two Canadian teams are being sought for purchase by billionaires — not to move them to the American Sun Belt, but because they are so lucrative where they are in Canada.


"Of course, as all Canadians know, the top three sports in Canada are hockey, hockey, and of course, hockey."

MythBusters: 7 Tech Headaches—and How to Fix Them

The MythBusters show is all about the crazy stuff that happens when technology meets man. In fact, we go out of our way to think of creative ways to play with technology. My MythBuster partner, Adam Savage, has just about every kind of iPod, iPhone and iPipewrench he can get his mitts on. But there are times when innovation produces aggravation, and when that happens, technology can flat out drive us nuts.

It's true that sometimes complexity is unavoidable, or even desirable: A cellphone that can give you directions and the weather can be quite useful, but new features should never come at the expense of core functionality—the cellphone should still be able to make a call easily. That's why, as machines become more complicated, good interface design becomes more essential—you can't just keep adding buttons and menus.


"Hear hear! I don't want to launch nukes when trying to program the TV!!"

The end of cheap food

FOR as long as most people can remember, food has been getting cheaper and farming has been in decline. In 1974-2005 food prices on world markets fell by three-quarters in real terms. Food today is so cheap that the West is battling gluttony even as it scrapes piles of half-eaten leftovers into the bin.
That is why this year's price rise has been so extraordinary. Since the spring, wheat prices have doubled and almost every crop under the sun—maize, milk, oilseeds, you name it—is at or near a peak in nominal terms.


"This will have quite an effect on the Western world, if this does hold firm."

LEGO Brick Timeline: 50 Years of Building Frenzy and Curiosities

It all first started in 1947, when LEGO bought their first plastic injection machine. The brick was not invented then but took final form in 1958, when the shape of the stud-and-tube brick was patented. Since then, LEGO sets have been going through dozens of iterations, from the younger version, DUPLO, to the most sophisticated LEGO TECHNIC and LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT sets, going through all the different themes of LEGOLAND and, of course, the most successful line of all times according to LEGO, Lego Star Wars.


"Ah, the memories....one of the best toys ever...."


Jan. 30th Dubbed Intl Delete Your MySpace Account Day

That’s it, I’ve had it. After months of only visiting my myspace profile in order to delete spam friend requests from half-nude women, I’ve reached the end of the line.
The other day I received an email from Myspace announcing something semi-relevant: “One of your friends is having a birthday this week.”
Visit Myspace to find out who? No, I’m not going to f**king visit Myspace to find out who, there’s absolutely no reason why I should have to visit the website, wait for it to load because of the excessive banner ads, and then log in just so I can find out who is having a birthday. If you’re going to take the time and energy to spam my inbox with the message, then you can tell me in the email itself whose birthday it is.
I’ve been thinking about deleting my Myspace account almost since the day I got it but always opted out of doing so because of the few friends I have who don’t have Facebook accounts. But by remaining on Myspace, I realize, I’m becoming an enabler. I’m giving those friends no reason to switch over from Myspace by giving them access to my Myspace profile.


"The internet masses are starting to rebel against the MySpace, Facebooks..interesting trend to see what will happen in the future..."

The Beach Boys - California Dreamin'

"As some of you reading this might or might not know, The Beach Boys is my favourite musical group. Simply put : It's music that makes you feel good to be alive.

Here's where they took The Mama and The Papa's original version, and imho, improved on it. This version outshines the original."

Music Video of the movie Equilibrium

By : gespinoz
Music: crushcrushcrush
Artist: paramore


History of the Predictive Text Swearing

"What do you mean I can't say ducking??!?"

Blasphemy : A Ticket To Hell Has Never Been Funnier

"You know you're smiling..... I'm sure the Big Guy upstairs has a sense of humour...."

F**k Planet Earth

Celebrity Gods Photoshopping Contest

In this photoshopping contest from Worth1000.com, they're turning celebrities into the gods they like to think they are.
From Christian to Hindu to Buddhist, no religion is safe!


"Homer Simpson as a god?!? Oy Vey...."

The 'To-Do Tattoo"

I will rarely pitch products on this blog, as I believe advertisers already do more than enough marketing on their own, however, this looks like a neat product for most of us entering our late 20's or early 30's and onward.
All of us seem to forget things, eh? Sure you can write it down on a piece of paper, but if you misplace the paper, then what?
This temporary tattoo addresses both concerns. Sure it won't help if it gets washed off, but it's about as semi-permanent as anything you could get for remembering everyday tasks and keeps it most handy.


"And if you really want, get the permanent list inked on later!"

Urban Legend In The Making: The ESB Dead Zone

In the shadow of the Empire State Building lies an “automotive Bermuda Triangle” - a five-block radius where vehicles mysteriously die.

No one is sure what’s causing it, but all roads appear to lead to the looming giant in our midst - specifically, its Art Deco mast and 203-foot-long, antenna-laden spire.

“We get about 10 to 15 cars stuck near there every day,” said Isaac Leviev, manager of Citywide Towing, the AAA’s exclusive roadside assistance provider from 42nd St. to the Battery. “You pull the car four or five blocks to the west or east and the car starts right up.”


Amazing Young Organ Player Rocks Out

Young girl rocks out on a church organ to the tune of Carry on My Wayward Sun by Kansas.

"Very cool job!"

What happened if Star Wars & Disney merged?

Ever wonder what the Disney universe would be like if they met up with Star Wars? Wonder no more. This artist has done a series of wonderful mashups like 'Snow White & The Seven Stormtroopers (pictured here) and a ton of others!
DeviantArt's Thumper-001 is a brilliant visual mashup artist who specializes in combining imagery from Disney and Star Wars.

"Use The Force, Mickey."

In the U.S. south, is Canadian a new racial slur?

It was a routine e-mail from the boss sent to congratulate a junior prosecutor in Houston, Tex., who had won manslaughter convictions against an intoxicated driver.

"He convicted Mr. Sosa of a double intoxication manslaughter, got a weak jury to give him 12 years in each, and then convinced Judge Wallace to stack the sentences," Harris County assistant district attorney Mike Trent wrote in an office-wide memo. Then came the odd part: "He overcame a subversively good defence by Matt Hennessey that had some Canadians on the jury feeling sorry for the defendant and forced them to do the right thing."

The e-mail was sent in 2003 but came to light only this month as part of an unrelated controversy with his office, forcing Mr. Trent to defend himself against accusations of bigotry -- not because he offended the people of Canada, but because "Canadian" has apparently become a code word for blacks among American racists.


"What will those bed-sheet wearing idiots think of next?"

Kolmanskop, a ghost town buried in the sand

Kolmanskop is a ghost town in southern Namibia, a few kilometres inland from the port of Lüderitz. In 1908, Luederitz was plunged into diamond fever and people rushed into the Namib desert hoping to make an easy fortune. Within two years, a town, complete with a casino, school, hospital and exclusive residential buildings, was established in the barren sandy desert.
But shortly after the drop in diamond sales after the First World War, the beginning of the end started. During the 1950's the town was deserted and the dunes began to reclaim what was always theirs.


"Nature always wins...."