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Is It 2D or 3D?

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Ron Jeremy Takes on Porn Pirates

The legendary Ron Jeremy has had enough of video streaming sites such as YouPorn and PornTube, that host pirated versions of his epic movies for free. Jeremy says adult content deserves the same respect as Hollywood’s majors do, and is happy that Vivid Entertainment is going after these sites.
The public needs to understand that piracy is killing the adult industry, Jeremy said: “What harms the industry is the Internet. Before it was helpful. Every company had its own website. Now you have things like YouPorn and PornTube that show full-length features of Vivid’s movies. Who the f— do they think they are?”


"It'll be interesting to see where this goes..."

The Science Of Sleep

Human beings spend on average one third of their lives asleep. We know we need to sleep but most of us have never really given a whole lot of thought to why.
Why do we spend seven or eight hours a night immobile and unconscious? What really happens inside our brains and bodies while we're sleeping?
We've known the purpose of our other biological drives for hundreds of years: we eat to give our bodies energy, we drink to keep hydrated, we procreate to perpetuate the species - among other things. But what is the biological purpose of sleep?


"I don't know about all the science, but I know THIS - naps are awesome!"

The Global Integrity Report

The Global Integrity Report is a tool for understanding governance and anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level. Written by local researchers and journalists, the Report is characterized by an innovative, award-winning research methodology; a robust peer review process; and start-to-finish transparency.
An Integrity Indicators scorecard assesses the existence, effectiveness, and citizen access to key governance and anti-corruption mechanisms through more than 300 actionable indicators. It examines issues such as transparency of the public procurement process, media freedom, asset disclosure requirements, and conflicts of interest regulations. Scorecards take into account both existing legal measures on the books and de facto realities of practical implementation in each country.


"Canada scores pretty decently, but there are definite areas where we need some work, mostly in accountability - what a surprise!"


Sam Raimi Returns to Epic Fantasy TV with "Wizard's First Rule"

Variety reports that Sam Raimi is returning to the fantasy television genre with a new hourlong series, Wizard's First Rule, based on the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind. The ABC/Disney production just received a full 22 episode order, and will be syndicated throughout the US. Production is set to begin in May.
According to Variety: "The weekly hourlong series follows Richard Cypher, a young man who makes his living leading people through dangerous forests, as he investigates the murder of his father and finds himself opposing Darken Rahl, the son of an evil wizard."


"The man who brought us Xena and Hercules back with another fantasy series? Looks like it might be just as entertaining!"


Extreme Pizza Cutters!

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When Fascism Comes To America

The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA has gained fame for using half of it’s Marquee to display political messages. Following the 2000 election owner Allen Michaan displayed a message saying “This Is America — Every Vote Should Be Counted”. Since then Michaan has regularly displayed messages save for a brief lapse between the midterm elections of November 2006 and January 2007.

"Perhaps it's time for a new revolution."

Just Some Colourful Heros For Your Sunday....

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The "IDES OF MARCH" is almost upon us and tomorrow thousands of Anoymous Individuals will protest their disgust of the "Church" Scietology across the ENTIRE PLANET.
In this video, we, Anonymous, define our plans to DISMANTLE the Church of Scientology and outline the reasons WHY WE FIGHT.

"I had no idea the Church of Scientology had better tax-exempt status than any other religion in the United States!"