Truth in advertising

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Graffiti found in one of the nuclear bunkers

"I'm glad to see they're keeping their sense of humour."


Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Trailer


The Ultimate Chick Repeller Tattoo

I love posting pictures of bad tattoos and I have found some real doozies in the past but this one might take the cake. It is wrong on so many levels. This person either really enjoys fisting or they really enjoy punching ladies in the va-jay-jay. I am guessing it is the first option due to what appears to be blood(?) around the fist. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Why are there two femurs in the tattoo? What the fuck do those signify? Did they cunt punch someone to death? The story is a little incomplete without seeing the person that is rocking this but I am going to go ahead and guess it is the butchest fucking chick you have ever seen.

Mom and Dad must just beam with pride when they see this thing.

"This one is just all the way wrong."


Mauvais Rôle

"What happens when a video-game bad guy gets tired of always playing the bad guy?"