Ready ForThe 2008 Olympics?

Hitler VS. Chaplin


The Most Depressing Watch Ever: Prepare to Be Bummed

This watch has been dubbed the "Accurate" not so much for its abilities to keep accurate time, but for its reminder about our inevitable demise. Following in the tradition of memento mori, the Accurate watch continuously alerts us to the fact that life is short and that we should strive to seize the day. Damn...this thing would make me question everything I do. "I would like to grab a beer and relax guys but it is already 3:45! I should be climbing Mt. Everest right now!" Available for $145.


"Every minute is one minute closer to death, then..."

Superman's creator's heirs awarded copyright in Action Comics #1

After seventy years, Jerome Siegel’s heirs regain what he granted so long ago -– the copyright in the Superman material that was published in Action Comics Vol. 1. What remains is an apportionment of profits, guided in some measure by the rulings contained in this Order, and a trial on whether to include the profits generated by DC Comics’ corporate sibling’s exploitation of the Superman copyright.


"It's nice to see the little guy win, isn't it?"

New Homeland Security Threat Assessment Chart

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The Web's best free stuff

There's a wealth of downloadable software and online services, but free doesn't necessarily mean good. Here's some of the best of the bunch.

Free: It's the magic word for an ever-expanding wealth of downloadable software and online services. Free doesn't necessarily mean good, however, and hunting for freebies can mean sifting through a lot of junk.

That's where this comes in. Here are some programs that were surfed, clicked, and installed to find sparkling free gems capable of planning your time, keeping you in touch, and tuning and securing your PC, not to mention glitzing up your desktop, helping you stay productive, and entertaining you with music, videos, photos, and games. There was special attention paid to programs and services you may not have heard of before.


Sir Ian McKellen Says He WILL Return as Gandalf in The Hobbit

Although most of us knew this had to be the case or else we would have protested the making of The Hobbit, profound British actor Sir Ian McKellen confirms that he most definitely will return as the wonderful wizard Gandalf! Earlier today on his official website, McKellen answered numerous fan questions in an E-Post, two of which pertained specifically to The Hobbit.


The World’s First Ever Game of Tennis on Water (Pic)

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 24: The World’s first ever game of tennis on water involving two of the World’s highest profile tennis players, Rafael Nadal of Spain and Serena Williams of USA in action during a Sony Ericsson Open tennis preview event on the swimming pool of the Hotel Gansevoort on March 24, in Miami South Beach, Florida. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images for Sony Ericsson)

The water-covered court was constructed in the 110-foot swimming pool set in the Gansevoort’s exclusive 22,000-square-foot rooftop retreat. A specialist underwater team took five days to construct two invisible platforms at either end of the pool using a combination of bespoke acrylic sheets and supporting acrylic tubes.


Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

We’ve all heard the “official conspiracy theory” of the Death Star attack. We all know about Luke Skywalker and his ragtag bunch of rebels, how they mounted a foolhardy attack on the most powerful, well-defended battle station ever built. And we’ve all seen the video over, and over, and over, of the one-in-a-million shot that resulted in a massive chain reaction that not just damaged, but completely obliterated that massive technological wonder.

Like many citizens of the Empire, I was fed this story when I was growing up. But as I watched the video, I began to realize that all was not as it seemed. And the more I questioned the official story, the deeper into the rabbit hole I went.


The Infestation of Wal-Mart

It starts very slowly with the first location in Arkansas in 1962 and then spreads into different regions over time.