Star Wars bloopers (IV V VI)

"This is in fact a DVD easter egg from the 2004 Star Wars Trilogy boxed set. You can access this feature by selecting title 38 on the Bonus Material disc of the set."

Batman to be killed off after 70 years

'Batman RIP' will see "the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman", according to Grant Morrison.
There are rumours that Batman will suffer a gruesome end when his sidekick Robin goes over to "the dark side" and destroys him in a terrible betrayal.
Batman, alter ego of Bruce Wayne a wealthy industrialist, operates in the American Gotham City.
Others speculate that Wayne may either retire from his duties or be killed by a mystery villain known as the Black Glove.
His fate will be revealed in the latest issue of DC Comic's Batman, published on 26 November.


"Not the Batman - Superman's death has already been done....this seems like an effort to boost sales, and then they'll resurrect him..."



A pizza with the depth and character of a lasagna. A lasagna that you could pick up with your hand and eat like a pizza. A match made in heaven? Perhaps.


"Some historians say that the Pizzagna was neither Pizza, nor Lasagne. Discuss..."