A Fitting, Uh, 'Honor'

It's all over the web. It's all over the news. It was reported in the New York Times and USA Today.

I just can't stop chuckling.

A grass-roots initiative in San Francisco, The Presidential Memorial Commission, has collected 8,500 signatures to get a plan on the November ballot to rename the "Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant" the "George W. Bush Sewage Plant".

That's more than enough signatures to get the question on the ballot (7,168 are necessary) and according to some of the polls, it's likely to pass. The renaming would take effect on January 20, 2009, when the new president is sworn in.

Of course the Republicans have their panties in a twist. The White House refuses to comment on the article in the New York Times.


"I can't think of a funnier way to 'honour' the president!"

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