The Selling of World War III

Are we ready to buy World War III? Is it a product we can use?

by Timothy K. Perry
Monday, September 1, 2008

The Summer of 2008 has excited End Time eschatologists with Russia and the U.S. talking veiled threats of World War III over the aftermath of the South Ossetian conflict. And then of course, let us not forget the Iranian Drama which apparently excites so much Neo-Con bloodlust that nuclear strikes are seen as not only possible but inevitable, the sooner the better they say. Iran must be atom bombed in the interests of world peace. It must be remembered that however skilled a group is in military strategy and execution, the launching of even small scale nuclear warheads is one of the most dangerous decisions any group will ever make in the history of the human race. If such an option is used, for whatever political reason or reasons, it is a decision with a very high probability factor of igniting into a greater conflict or conflicts where more nuclear warheads are used, in short, the very real somber launching of all-out nuclear war. This would then be a decision that immediately suggests nuclear escalation leading up to The Unthinkable: the complete annihilation of all sentient life forms on the earth, except for possibly a colony of hardy cockroaches.


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