Classical music performed by the Muppets: Ode to Beeker and the Blue Gonzo Chicken Waltz

The Muppets/YouTube partnership is bearing sweet, musical fruit. Here are two fantastic musical clips to help familiarize your kids with the cultural significance of the great works of classical music: first, Beeker and his many clones perform Ode to Joy (viddy it, oh my brothers, just viddy it), then Gonzo the Great and his chicken orchestra cluck out The Blue Danube Waltz (by Strauss, the louse, he lives in a house, with Mick-ey Mouse).

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Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

haha! Thanks for the smiles on those. I loved the "how many hits did this one get" comment after Gonzo's performance. We didn't know the Muppets had gotten so modern!
I'm hear from Swapbot and enjoying the entertainment!