Lego to launch new range of digital cameras and MP3 players

Lego, the Danish toy maker, has revealed plans for an entirely new product range – digital cameras and music players.

The move, which marks a radical departure from the building brick toys for which it is traditionally known, will see Lego join forces with a US firm to produce electronic gadgets aimed at children.

Lego said it hoped to bring its toys to life in "an all-new way for its fans". The range includes fully-functional digital cameras, MP3 music players, alarm clocks and walkie-talkies, which all feature Lego's distinctive look.

"Our entrance into the youth electronics space will enable our fans to express themselves through photos, videos and music, while displaying their enthusiasm for one of the world's all-time favourite toys," said Jill Wilfert, Lego Group's vice president of licensing.


"So will you be able to put this together yourself? If so, there's no way I'd buy this for my kid...he'd never get it back from me cause I'd be too busy playing with it!"


The Real CAM said...

I'm with you on that one. I just saw a commercial for an underwater video recorder from Fisher Price that I may get for my little sprout that I may have to test first ;)

Holly said...

That's the coolest thing I've seen in awhile! I want a Lego laptop, lol!I wonder if you can specify what colour you want, like, a completely red one or a blue one!? FUN!
(kiwiholly from swapbot)

HeidiMonkey said...

That is so cool, I completely need this!