College textbook prices up 186% since 1986; enter revolution

While there is hardly anyone that is oblivious to the rising costs of a college education these days, there might be some people still not aware that there is another under-reported cost hiding in the college education receipt. College tuition is still out pacing inflation at public and private colleges and a review of this phenomenon can be checked out in depth at BusinessWeek.com. Excluding the cost of college tuition, the cost of college textbooks is now starting to become a front and center topic for financial studies and government reports.
The DOE study states that full-time students at four-year public colleges spend an average of $893 a year on textbooks and about $10 less a year for two-year students. The most interesting figure from this study is that since 1986, the textbook prices have risen almost 186 percent, or 6 percent a year. When you look at other product prices in the market they all generally rose by about 3 percent. Some public and private universities publish their own figures of college textbook costs for a student per year and they range from $400 - $1,300.

"Is it any wonder more and more kids can't afford college?!?"

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