Hooters Celebrates 25 Years of Food and Fun

Hooters announces the celebration of their 25th Anniversary and will host a party on the 25th of every month in restaurants around the world. The first Hooters restaurant opened in 1983 after six businessmen in Clearwater, Florida thought up the concept and took the plans from a napkin to reality.

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary, Hooters is giving back to the customers that have taken the concept from 1 restaurant in Clearwater to over 440 locations in 42 states and 24 countries. On the 25th of every month this year, guests who come into Hooters will have a chance to instantly win $25,000 or be 1 of 25 guaranteed $1,000 winners around the country.


"Well, they must be doing SOMETHING right to be around for 25 years...."

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