Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Muhammad banned all images that depicted him in the fear that his followers would worship them. The idea was to prevent the worship of false idols (i.e. other than Allah). That Islam, as an institution, has inoculated Muslims to overreact to non-Muslims producing images of Muhammad is...unfortunate.

"While I can understand Muslims being upset about how Mohammed was depicted, what they then proceeded to do next with violence is not understandable. Extreme actions simply produce the viewpoint that 'these people' are extremists."

In a related story :

Dane, Tunisians arrested in cartoonist murder plot

A Danish citizen of Moroccan descent and two Tunisians were arrested in Denmark on Tuesday over a plot to murder one of 12 cartoonists whose drawings of the Prophet Mohammad caused worldwide uproar in 2006.
The Security and Intelligence Service (PET) said the arrests near Aarhus in western Denmark were made after lengthy surveillance to prevent a "terror-related killing" that was in an early stage of planning.
PET said it expected the 40-year-old Danish citizen to be released pending further investigation. The Tunisians will remain detained while deportation proceedings are brought against them.
According to Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that originally published the cartoons in September 2005, the suspects are accused of planning to kill 73-year-old Kurt Westergaard.
He drew the cartoon that caused the most controversy, depicting the founder of Islam with a bomb in his turban. The paper reproduced that drawing on its Web site on Tuesday.


Link To The Cartoons That Caused the Initial Uproar

(The one one the top, to the right side, that shows the turban as a bomb is one of the cartoons that really made some go ballistic.)

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