Two 12″ Pizzas in 90 Seconds or Less

Why spend 30 minutes for waiting for a delivery from Dominos, when you could cook two 12″ pizzas in 90 seconds with the Hammacher Schlemmer 90 Second Dual Pizza Oven. You read that right, 90 seconds as in 1 1/2 minutes. Now, this seems to be for pizzas made from scratch, but the real important information here is how much time will it take to heat my Digiornos?

How does this gadget work? Well…

Both oven decks have roof-mounted 1,440-watt coil heating elements that ensure perfectly caramelized cheese and toppings, while the ceramic pizza stones distribute heat evenly across the dough and absorb excess moisture, resulting in faster cooking times and a crispier crust than pizza cooked on a sheet tray.

It is pretty expensive at $250, but think about how much money you will save by not ordering out every week. Alright, so if you do the math its not that great of a deal, but who can say no to a pizza feast in less than 2 minutes?


"Holy crap! Can you imagine this in a university dorm? Pizza Overload!"

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