Jumper's Tricked-Out Teleportation: Hollywood Sci-Fi vs. Reality

Teleportation has long been the object of real-world desire—not to mention sci-fi speculation, from Star Trek to The Twilight Zone to Heroes. Though scientists have actually had some success in the lab, the fact remains that you can’t spontaneously disappear and travel wherever you want. And that, according to director Doug Liman, is the sole fallacy of physics he accepted when filming Jumper, featuring Star Wars vet Hayden Christensen as a kid with a genetic anomaly that allows him to skip through wormholes across the world. “What if somebody had this power?” Liman asks. “That’s the only leap of faith that I took in the movie. Everything else is grounded in the real physics of our world.”


"Teleportation and time-travel - items which have been theorized, dreamed, and speculated on for many years."

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